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Slipped my mind, sorry[edit]

I meant to quickly return to the entry beyond the first (and only) sentence of the first paragrpah that I have written, but I got sidetracked and simply forgot to. My apologies for that. Undoubtedly more to write on the entry beyond -this- latest revision by yours truly, but I am hopeful this revision/addition, continuing what has been added by someone else [i.e. "A number of early European colonies in the New World were largely plantocracies"] with the lines that follow therein, amounts to a good start for now. Thanks for your patience, and I would value any constructive opinion on the subject. Thanks again. El_CEL_CEl_C

Although Mr. Fischer's students do not believe that "Slavocracy" is a real word, it really is.

* Please note: Those of lesser intelligence doubt the existence of the term "Slavocracy." However, they are wrong.

Mr. Fischer, the liberal pacifistic Quaker, has no bearing on any discussion regarding history nor sobriety.

This seems to me to be entirely unsuited to an encyclopedical article. What is the rationale behind this addition? Tagged as noncompliant for now. Stargelman 14:57, 23 December 2006 (UTC)[reply]