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Regarding the addition of 'some stinky dogs'[edit]

I don't know how many of the uninitiated would understand the reference to heterotic string; I'm guessing it wouldn't be many. However, the words "hybrid vigour" incite passionate debate in the various animal fancy groups. "Heterosis" just happens to be the proper term for this phenomenon. I'm sure no disrespect was meant to string theory, but believe me it's more than just a question of a few stinking dogs, or cats, or horses, or cows, or....Thanks for the chuckle! Quill 04:30, 3 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Personally I think the concept of heterosis is extremely important from a biological and evolutionary point of view- I'd love to see someone expand this with some hard science, casting a bigger net than is cast now. Kharhaz

Outbreeding depression[edit]

"It may also happen that a hybrid inherits such different traits from their parents that make them unfit for survival. This is known as outbreeding depression, typical examples of which are crosses between wild and hatchery fish that have incompatible adaptations."

It should be clarified that:

a) Outbreeding depression only occurs between populations that have diverged significantly i.e. Different species.

b) There are two kinds of outbreeding depression. One, because the hybrid isn't equally adapted to the parental environment. The other because of the breaking down of co-adapted gene complexes, especially in F2, F3 generations (e.g Bos Taurus x Bos Indicus).

Causes of heterosis in farm animal[edit]

How animals are affected by heterosis (talk) 05:51, 17 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]